At its core, FLAT Revival Magazine is a publication that recognizes Flat Earth as a state of mind, something that goes far beyond the shape of this Earth. Those who are questioning the validity of the mainstream narrative regarding cosmology are inevitably tuned in to a great many emergent truths exposing the deceptive construct of this world.

OUR APOLOGIES: FRM #1 is currently unavailable for purchase. We are having an issue with Createspace and our interior print file. We hope to have this resolved soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. Ty Gorton

FRM presents philosophy, literature, artwork, interviews and humor that explore existence from the perspective that we live on a flat and motionless plane, a conclusion that comes with a myriad of other realizations regarding the nature of our reality.

Contributors to FRM #1 include: Crow (Crrow777 Radio), Spiritual North, Adam Carter (Flat Earth Smarts), D Marble, Kan Ev Art, Zetetic Mindset, Becky G, Pauly Hart, Rusted Sol, Jacob Appleman (GoFindTheOthers), Edd Uluschak, Peter Lexa, Lewi Lewis, Ty Gorton, Jeff Kramer and more.

Our content is created from the assumption that we live on a flat plane, no apologies and no justifications. While FRM will be presenting cutting edge theories and proofs regarding flat earth cosmology, our mission is to engage those who have already taken the leap. The pages of FRM will engage the full spectrum of the flat earth experience, from the mental/emotional aspect to the growing desire of the community to create their OWN culture across all mediums. This publication is a celebration of the shift in consciousness spreading across the world.

From a purely economic standpoint, it makes solid business sense for FRM to take any revenue beyond operating costs and immediately reinvest into the flat earth community. While FE awareness has spread significantly the past two to three years, the number of flat earthers versus heliocentric believers is minuscule; the vast majority of humanity still accepts the spinning ball cosmology as undeniable truth.

Every dollar that FRM reinvests into the growth of the flat earth community will lead to potential new readers, contributors and/or supporters of the magazine. The fact that, relatively speaking, there are so few flat earthers makes it not only viable but crucial to reinvest excess capital into individuals and group projects focused on bringing FE awareness to a broader audience. For more information, visit FLAT REVIVAL Thank you!