The GLOBEXIT concept stands for the biggest Paradigm Shift in Consciousness known in the human history. Generations after generations have been deceived regarding the place where we are born, where we live and keep resurrecting. Inspired by flat earth related videos I began to create #flatearth memes and vector designs, available as free downloads on Gumroad for those who want to create their own Flat Earth Store. Next step was to think of a solution that could get the truth out more efficient than my Facebook profile.

Value is determined by the universal truth. Everything emanates from the center, out. Wherever you are in the Universe, you are at the center of the Universe. At the bottom of every rabbit hole is a mirror. Globexit is a multinational effort celebrating truth. Welcome. You are here for a reason. Keep in mind and spirit one of this Community's golden rules: No fear on flat earth. #GLOBEXIT

Truth and common sense claim their own place in everyone's consciousness. This is why most people suffer of cognitive dissonance. Scientism and false facts being presented as reality goes 100% against our own senses, triggering all kinds of interior contradictions. People everywhere are experiencing this condition, which is induced mostly through the MSM's predictive programing. My reaction is that I have decided to create this NETWORK, featuring websites with carefully selected content for multiple countries.

Long story short: I have managed to register domains for the following countries. It's been 5 months since I began working on all of these websites which will be online & running on 10.10.2017. I am taking care of few last details on those that are not presented in English. The network is present in: Italy, Germany, Spain, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, France, Japan, Peru, Montenegro, Sweden, Canada, the EU domain (for other EU countries), the TV domain (24/7 Live Stream).

Technical & financial support requirements: 1 x Canon 5d mark iv + accessories (used for live streams and flat earth related video material) 1 x Refurbished NLE Workstation (video editing purposes) 580 Euro/year for all domains extension plans (includes guarantees for some country's registrar) 1000 Euro/year hosting on exclusive server + 24/7 assistance services 159 Euro/year the SSL Certificate. The network is encouraging content creators all over the world so any donation above the goal of this campaign will be used to pay anyone on Fiverr or any other similar platforms, which is willing to support the network's content flow in their own language.

My contribution: 1. My full time dedicated to bring the #GLOBEXIT concept and meaning in the awareness of as many fellow humans as I can; 2. My 15 years of experience as a producer, video-editor and brand developing entrepreneur; 3. All my material resources and knowledge in some domains I look forward to share with you, such as amazing studies and experiences related to water, O.R.M.E., Controlled Remote Viewing and other topics. All the data containing my observations in various fields of this reality that's being unveiled in front of our own eyes is meant to help #FEPE (Flat Earth People Everywhere) and as many possible to reach that which we call COGNITIVE HARMONY.

Here is the link for this on-going campaign: GLOBEXIT INTERNATIONAL OPS NETWORK. Every share counts. Thank you very much for your support. For any other details, please contact me at: