The GLOBEXIT Magazine Campaign


Next level - paradigm shift - coffee table. A Premium Quality Magazine raising awareness about the true nature of the world we are living in. Published monthly (EN & RO). First edition 100 pcs. Full page color print. A grid will also be featured, with the most active/relevant YouTube/Twitter/Facebook or any other platform's accounts related to flat earth activism. Price 20$. FREE SHIPPING world wide.

I lean on the hardest of ballers to try to figure out if they're deceivers, or dupes. I want to hear their arguments. Most fall into logical fallacies or ad hominem instantly. Kyle MacDonald

The magazine will also be available in digital format on Gumroad with the "pay what you want" option. A premium quality magazine contributing to the most important paradigm shift ever known and experienced by humans alive today. Laughter is the best therapy and... there is more land out there. Research #flatearth

* features best #flatearth memes of the month world-wide; * contains 33 full page color prints; * table with the most active/influential flat earth sources of the month world wide; * high quality glossy paper; * glossy cardboard covers, embossed title;

Powerful MEMES from the one and only Frank Myrrh. He is one of the contemporan #flatearth pioneers and the first content creator who submited his work for this magazine. Frank's memes are high ranked in my personal collection even today when the internet is taken over by the flat earth movement, so rich in content. Any of his memes look amazing as flat earth posters or even better, printed canvas.

Here is an example of Frank's artwork. One picture is worth 1000 words, indeed. This concept inspired me to create the "GLOBAL WARMING" Stickers, available now on; FYI: The free vector graphics for can be found as free download on my Gumroad account.

The #GLOBEXIT Magazine is encouraging content creators all over the world and is open to receive artwork submitted for publication. If you created an awesome meme and you want it published, drop me an e-mail at

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